Raleigh's First Organic Raw Cold Pressed Juice Delivery Company. Thirst in Flight.

About Us

Humdinger: [hum-ding-er] noun; A remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind.

Our Mission is to provide people with a real humdinger: locally made, organic, fresh, raw and nutrient-packed juice that not only tastes great, but makes you feel great.


From riding bikes in Drewry Hills to playing in Crabtree Creek, Colin and Mary have always been a close pair.  With only 19 months between them, their bond and humor have always made it easy to pick back up, even after 13 years apart.

This sibling duo, back together and stronger than ever, is thrilled to bring you HUMDINGER JUICE!

Upon recently returning home after 13 years in Los Angeles and NYC, Colin recognized a need for simplicity and health not only in himself, but in the community around him. Spending more than a decade in a career that was taxing on his mind, body and soul, he felt lost and depleted. Colin vividly remembers sitting in a doctor’s office while they tried to figure out what was wrong, knowing deep down what changes needed to be made. “I believe we all have the capability to listen to that inner voice and take action in our own lives. I also believe fresh, organic, cold pressed juice should be available to folks living in the Triangle.” So here he is…closer to home, closer to his authentic self and very excited to deliver these healthy juices to you!

Juice of Choice: LIFT
Favorite Local Spots: Open Door Yoga, Neptune’s, Big Boss Brewery
Travel Destination: India
Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso
Favorite Book: Siddhartha

MARY HOLT COLLINS (Managing Partner)
Having spent the first part of her life juggling athletics and the arts, Mary had to put little thought into what she was putting into her body.  Most meals were eaten in the car, shuffling from one practice to the next, with very little time to focus on healthy eating.  As time progressed and her metabolism slowed, Mary began to recognize and appreciate the need for healthier eating habits and a new approach to “modern health”.  She often jokes that she “gets clean to get dirty again” and believes that everyone should stick to making healthy lifestyle choices, while allowing those little moments of indulgence.

Juice of Choice:  BALANCE
Favorite Local Spots:  Chipotle, Greenway Trail, Big Boss Brewery
Travel Destination:  Italy
Favorite Movie:  True Romance
Favorite Book:  Where the Red Fern Grows