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  • “I have been drinking Humdinger Balance for two years. The Balance drink is excellent, and it is not too sweet, meaning that it is not overloaded with fruit. Most green drinks are primarily apple, pear or grape juice with green veggies being the smallest ingredient. My goal is to decrease my fructose load. I use home delivery and it is great, the drinks appear on my porch every Tuesday afternoon like magic, I suspect that they’re delivered by a veggie elf.”

    Cal G., CRNA
  • “While you would think living on an island, I would have access to natural fresh juice – this is not the case. Living in the Virgin Islands is paradise, but most of our produce is shipped in, and quite expensive. Its such a treat that when I come to visit family in Raleigh that I can get my juice fix with Humdinger and get recharged over my trip. (I usually have my juice order lined up before I land in NC)! I return to the VI feeling a bit healthier and rejuvenated. Thank you for providing this awesome product! I just wish I could have you in the VI!”

    Katie Z., Dancing Classrooms Virgin Islands
  • “Whether doing a juice cleanse or simply having a juice with lunch, Humdinger Juices make me feel on top of the world– dare I say invincible! Their cleanses give you the detox you’re looking for, without feeling tired or malnourished. In fact I have more energy than ever during a juice cleanse. Did I mention their juices are seriously delicious, too? Humdinger Juices without a doubt are the best around, and the folks at Humdinger are, too!”

    Ginny C., Big Spoon Roasters
  • “Your juice made me a better mom tonight. I have so much energy. I just did the 2 day cleanse, man it was harder than I thought & revealed that I have been putting a lot of garbage in my body. Day one was rough but by the end of day two I was shocked that my energy level was so high! Thanks for creating such a delicious product. I love Humdinger!”

    Morgan C., The Umstead Hotel & Spa
  • “The juice cleanses are awesome. I use the three day cleanse to hit “reset” on my body when I feel myself getting unhealthy from junk food and working at a desk too much. It’s a great way to kick-start a new workout routine or even just a renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle.”

    David Sartorio, Smith Anderson Law Firm
  • “I love Humdinger! It’s some of the freshest and most delicious juice around. It’s my first stop every time I’m in Raleigh. Makes me feel strong and healthy.”

    Aubrey Dollar, Actress
  • “I would recommend a Humdinger Juice cleanse to anyone. I did a 3-day cleanse and afterwards felt better than I have in years. I definitely plan on doing it again soon. The GLOW is literally the best juice I’ve ever had.”

    Blaine S., Tradition Scarves
  • “As a local Nutritionist who believes strongly in the power of real food, I absolutely love Humdinger and what they bring to our community. By slowing pressing fresh fruits, vegetables, and more, you get a huge dose of live nutrients and enzymes from one easy and delicious beverage. What’s more, this process removes the hard to digest fiber which results in rapid absorption of these good for you vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Since this quick digestion can lead to an excess of sugars (namely fructose) and even increased sugar cravings at times, it’s especially important that Humdinger’s team includes filtered water in their juice blends in order to avoid a blood sugar spike. That way you can rest assured you are getting the best and tastiest product that is perfectly tailored for your health.”

    Katherine Andrew, MPH, RD, LND